31 Jan
Grinding your health to disaster in the City of London

Fighting Teeth Grinding in the City of London One of the dangers that affect lots of people in a busy place like the city of London is stress and it can be very damaging to your health, but it also can be destructive to your upper body via your teeth….

30 Jan
How Sleep Apnoea can ruin your Heart in London

How Sleep Apnoea can break your heart in London Sleep apnoea, like all other apnoeas in a condition that is caused by irregular breathing when you sleep in London caused essentially by the breakdown or blockage in the airways. During our sleep, we rely on the automated services to help us breathe. The brain sends…

28 Jan
Central Apnoea in Central London

Understanding Central Apnoea in Central London Central apnoea is one of those strange conditions that can inevitably lead to heart failure, but you may be blissfully unaware of having it at all in central London. All apnoeas are the cause of poor or intermittent breathing while you are sleeping, but with central apnoea, it is…

27 Jan
Disease in the Teeth and Gums in the City of London

Fighting Disease in the Mouth in the City of London One of the major problems with the mouth is that things can go wrong quickly and get out of control before you know it in the city of London, so you have to be on your guard everyday in order…

26 Jan
Products to avoid when fighting Bad Breath in London

How Products complicate Bad Breath in London You’d have thought that with all these new fangled products on sale in London, bad breath needn’t be an issue, but you’d be wrong. Bad breath is a complex condition and using a powerful smelling toothpaste or mouthwash isn’t the answer, in fact…

25 Jan
Central London's never-ending battle against Oral Cancer

Spotting Oral Cancer in Central London Oral cancer, for all the efforts in finding a solution to it, still haunts a lot of people today in central London and it shows no sign of letting up, in fact the numbers of people being diagnosed are on the rise. A lot…