26 Feb
Dental charity supports push to expand water fluoridation in England

The Oral Health Foundation is supporting a push by NHS England to expand water fluoridation.  The charity, along with the Community Water Fluoridation Network and NHS England, is campaigning to provide more people in England with access to fluoridated water. The organisations believe that fluoride exposure is one of the…

19 Feb
Are bad habits harming your teeth?

Most people know what they need to do to keep their teeth healthy and strong, but lists of what not to do are much less commonplace. Dentists often talk about cleaning the teeth with fluoride toothpaste, using an electric toothbrush and going for a check-up every six months, but what…

13 Feb
New figures reveal 26% increase in cases of illegal tooth whitening

New figures from the General Dental Council show a 26% increase in the number of reports of illegal tooth whitening in 2019. The GDC has clamped down on the provision of illegal whitening treatments, but reports suggest that this is an industry that is still rife. Tooth whitening is a…

05 Feb
Expectant mum uses vlogs to share her experience of pregnancy dental dilemmas

A pregnant woman has been praised for sharing her experiences of dental dilemmas with the world via a series of candid vlogs. Many people are aware of morning sickness, back pain, tiredness and swollen ankles, but the risk of dental issues, most notably bleeding and swollen gums, is a less…