25 Sep
London dentist helps you sleep with apnea treatment

You may have heard the term sleep apnea in recent years as more and more is learnt about the condition. But you may not be aware of all the details of this potentially very dangerous condition. While it must be stressed that in most cases the patient will suffer no…

24 Sep
Revolutionary teeth straightening with Six Month smile from City of London dentist

Six Month Smile braces are a revolutionary new form of orthodontic straightening device that combines proven and traditional straightening methods with new materials and techniques to produce stunning results in just six months. For many years, orthodontic straightening was dominated by the fixed metal brace, which though effective had many…

23 Sep
The truth about root canal treatments at City of London dentists

The root canal treatment has a fearsome reputation but is this really justified and what is the actual truth behind this infamous dental procedure? Well, to be honest, the root canal gets a slightly raw deal. When performed with an anaesthetic, there is no real reason why the treatment should…

22 Sep
Central London dentist and the pain of TMJ

TMJ is the more common name for temporomandibular joint disorders which affect the areas around the jaw, neck and head. Although it must be said that very little is actually known about the specific causes of TMJ, it is known that the main symptom is pain. The symptoms are also…

21 Sep
Learn effective oral hygiene from City of London dentist

As well as visiting your City of London dentist every six months for a dental check up, it is important that you know the best methods of looking after your teeth at home and the most effective oral hygiene methods. Check ups with City of London dentists are very important….

20 Sep
No more loose dentures with mini-implants from City of London dentist

You may have already have heard or be familiar with the potential of dental implants when it comes to replacing missing teeth. These small titanium screws are anchored directly into the bone tissue of the jaw, like real tooth roots. When they have fused with the tissue around them they…