14 Dec
Smoker numbers drop as vaping becomes more popular

The number of people who smoke has dropped in the UK, as vaping has become more popular. Smoker numbers fell to the lowest on record in 2021, according to figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The proportion of adults who smoked dropped to 13.3% from 14% in 2020. When the records began in 2011, 20.2% of adults smoked. As the number of smokers fell, the proportion of over 16s using e-cigarettes increased…

07 Dec
Charity urges the public to watch out for mouth cancer symptoms as cases hit record high

The Oral Health Foundation is urging the public to watch out for mouth cancer symptoms, as UK cases hit a record high. Following its annual Mouth Cancer Action Month campaign, which ran throughout November, the charity is calling for people to keep a close eye on their mouths and get…