29 Jan
Modern Missing Teeth Treatments

Missing teeth may be detrimental to our oral and overall health, including our emotional and psychological state. Tooth loss from poor oral hygiene, tooth decay, gum disease, ill health and injury may leave us feeling self-conscious with a lack of confidence. When we smile, our teeth are visible and others…

22 Jan
Discreet Fillings for a Happier Smile

At Baker Street Dental Group, beautiful smiles are our game and we use the latest treatments and techniques to repair and restore damaged and decayed teeth with minimal impact on tooth aesthetics. With white fillings we are able to fill cavities and protect a decayed tooth without detracting from the beauty…

15 Jan
Beware of Sugar and Acidic Foods!

Oral hygiene has a massive bearing on your oral health, but your diet is also really important. Adding some foods to your diet and avoiding others can help to ensure your teeth and gums remain strong and healthy. What’s so bad about sugary and acidic foods? Most people will have…

08 Jan
Looking After Your Oral Health for 2016

The core mantra of dentistry, as with most medical professions, is ‘prevention is better than cure’. No single role in a dental practice typifies this attitude more than the dental hygienist: An individual who focuses on preventing gum disease and teaching patients how best to look after their teeth. You…