10 May
Smile! It’s Root Canal Awareness Week in the USA

The words “root” and “canal” are much maligned, especially when found in the same sentence. Even the mention of root canal treatment is sufficient to make many dental patients feel anxious, but why is root canal treatment feared so much, and what exactly is it? The 11th annual Root Canal…

22 Apr
Getting to the Root of Tooth Infection Problems

The root canals contain the pulp chamber, which surrounds the living tissue of the tooth, including the nerves and blood vessels. Once the pulp is infected or damaged as a result of injury or trauma, it effectively starts to die because the blood supply is cut. This increases the risk of…

06 Nov
Root Canal Treatment – The Easy and Effective Way

Learn more about root canal treatment with the dentists of London A procedure used to fix and save decayed or infected teeth, root canal treatment involves the removal of the damaged tissue from the inside of a tooth. Once the pulp underneath the layers is exposed, there is a high chance of…

02 May
Bashing The Root Canal Myth In Central London

Many people will recoil in horror if you even mention the words root and canal together, but what’s the deal with root canal treatment and is it really as bad as everybody makes out? Root canal treatment is a common procedure, which is used to treat an infected tooth; often,…

28 Jan
London digs out the rot with Root Canal Treatment

Unless you have the extremely resilient teeth and are the best at keeping them clean, you may well suffer from some form of tooth decay at some point in your life in London and depending on how bad it is decides what sort of treatment you will have. Decay is…

09 Apr
The City of London has a Root Canal

We strive in the city of London to maintain a high level of oral hygiene throughout our lives; there are some great products around to help us do this. However, life isn’t always that black and white. We can trip up from time to time, fail to brush our teeth…