26 Oct
Lambeth Council to provide free vapes to help pregnant women quit smoking

Lambeth Council has launched an initiative to provide free vapes for pregnant women. The council will be offering free e-cigarettes for pregnant women who are trying to quit smoking. The scheme will save expectant parents money and help those who find it difficult to give up smoking during pregnancy. The…

19 Oct
New study highlights ‘unquestionable’ efficacy of fluoride in reducing decay risk

A new study suggests that fluoride is “unquestionably effective” in reducing the risk of tooth decay in children.  Research published in the Journal of Dental Research shows that fluoridated water lowers the risk of decay without impacting emotional and behavioural development negatively.  A research team estimated the percent lifetime exposed…

12 Oct
Dentists issue fresh warning over teeth brightening trends as new hacks attract attention on TikTok

Dentists have issued a fresh warning over the safety of viral trends, as new DIY dental hacks attract attention online. TikTok users have been exposed to a steady stream of viral dental trends, prompting dental professionals to raise safety concerns…

05 Oct
Dentists issue health warnings as TikTok dental trends go viral

Dentists have issued health warnings, as dental trends continue to go viral on TikTok. Dr Heath Fraser is one of many dentists who have spoken out about trends on the social media platform, which has millions of users all over the world. Dr Fraser highlighted a series of dangerous trends…