30 Apr
Xerostomia and Dental Cavities in Central London

The condition of xerostomia, or dry mouth, can raise serious issues in the mouth unless it is tackled head on. Most dentists in central London will have a view on the treatment of problem but the diagnosis and treatments are pretty much universal. This condition is more prevalent among those…

29 Apr
Fight Back Against Wisdom Tooth Pain in the City of London

Anyone that has already been through the experience of the moment wisdom teeth decide to make an impact on your life, and they invariably do at some point, it can be quite a traumatic few weeks in your life in the City of London. Some people may get off relatively…

28 Apr
The Side Effects of a Dental Implant in London

There is a lot said about the wonders of dental implants in London, and justifiably so, for this treatment has advanced tremendously over the past 20 years, and the benefits that are there for anyone who has suffered the trauma of tooth loss, are extraordinary and remarkable; the freedom they…

27 Apr
Treating Tooth Decay in Central London

Tooth decay is caused by a number of factors- from poor diet that you practise on a day to day basis, to a build up of poor nutrition that has been handed down over generations. But, in today’s terms, poor oral hygiene is a major player; it’s important to keep…

26 Apr
Porcelain or Resin Veneers in Central London- the Choice is yours

When you’re on the lookout for a bit of cosmetic touching up in central London, one of the options you may like to consider are veneers. These little beauties can cover up all the nasty things that the teeth have become exposed to over the years- general wear and tear…

25 Apr
Invisalign over Fixed Braces in London- You Decide

When it comes to choosing braces in London, a lot of what influences your decision can come down to price. Also, everyone is different and have different needs. Certain aligning treatments may suit one person, but not another. There are a lot to choose from as well, but generally, they…