29 May
Grappling with the evils of Gum Disease in Central London

As you get older in central London, you will start to notice how the more indestructible qualities start to fade and how problems can start to crop up. This is also true of the way your teeth and gums start to succumb to problems; it gets harder to keep on…

28 May
Avoiding an early grave from Sleep Apnea in London

It is a very weird thing to contemplate- dying in your sleep, although there are worst ways to go in London. However, you’d rather try to prolong your life as much as possible, but there are things that can creep up and be the death of you without you knowing…

27 May
How Decay is the Root of all evil in the City of London

The surfaces of your teeth are constantly under threat every day in the city of London from the acids and foodstuffs that you put in your mouth, and you only have to be off-guard for a day for tooth decay to start. At first it will eat away at the…

25 May
Opting for a Porcelain Crown in London

Porcelain is an incredibly natural material: when light kisses it, it absorbs it and then cascades it back out again- it loves light and light loves it too, for it stimulates it and brings it to light, just like the fresh enamel of your teeth can when it is in…

24 May
Bridging the Thames and the gaps in your teeth in Central London

One of the most upsetting things that can happen to your mouth is tooth-loss in central London. It will make you feel conscious of how you smile and affect the way you project yourself in public. More importantly, it can further lead to more infections in the mouth and hence,…

23 May
Pretty smiles through Zoom Teeth Whitening in the City of London

The world of cosmetic dentistry is a very huge market in the city of London, but it is amazing what you can have done these days to keep that smile of yours going. Now and then though something comes along that is gob-smacking good and one of the big stars…