31 May
Fighting off Heart Disease through your teeth in the City of London

At any time the blood is poisoned, it is circulated straight away to the whole body by your heart. Death by serious poisoning is instantaneous because all of the organs are hit viciously at the same time and shut down through the trauma. However, a gentle, mild poisoning, builds up…

30 May
The Cheaper way of Whitening your Teeth in London

How many times have you heard people say ‘oh my back’ or ‘my poor feet’ before they even start addressing the teeth. Well, if you have a partner, or are looking for one, they may tolerate, even empathize with you as you try to get yourself body fixed, but if…

29 May
The Advantages of a Dental Crown in the City of London

If you’ve neglected your teeth and decay has started to wield its whip, never fear because your city of London dentist is here! Oh yes, these people have all the answers for saving your teeth, nay, even replacing them. Tooth decay can get its teeth into your, well, teeth very…

28 May
Getting your teeth up to scratch with your Dentist in Central London

Modern oral hygiene products are incredibly affective these days and getting better to the point where one day, we may never need to visit a central London dentist again…one day. In the meantime, our dentists are a fantastic back up to our misgivings if something goes wrong, which is why…

26 May
Dealing with a dental emergency in Central London

Not wishing to impugn the human nature of most people living in central London, but some of you do find it difficult to distinguish between a mild crisis and a full blown emergency- just ask the emergency services about some of the daft phone calls they receive each year. But…

25 May
Diabetes in Central London and its Links with oral Hygiene

All dentists in central London have always been aware of the importance oral hygiene, but it’s thanks to scientific studies over the past 20 years, that they now also know how a bad mouth can affect the rest of the body, and one of these examples is the link between…