26 Feb
Know What to Expect from Treatment with a Trial Smile

Before undergoing treatments, patients at Baker Street Dental have the opportunity to experience a “Trial Smile”. This novel option allows clients to design their own smile and get an idea of how they would look with new additions to their teeth such as porcelain veneers. Previously, patients could only acquire…

18 Feb
Straighten Your Smile in Secret with Lingual Braces

In comparison to traditional braces, lingual systems offer maximum discretion as braces are bonded onto the back of the teeth, making the treatment completely invisible. Clients who are looking to correct crooked, overcrowded teeth or who suffer from bite misalignments can opt for the Lingual Brace to effectively solve these…

14 Feb
Fall in Love With Our Selection of Orthodontic Treatments This Month

We offer a number of different orthodontic treatments to suit your needs, including your desired time scale and how happy you are for your treatment to be visible to others. Below we have outlined a range of the treatments that are on offer here at Baker Street Dental: Invisalign: Invisalign…

02 Feb
Makeover Your Smile This February for a Lovely New Look

Here at Baker Street, we offer a brilliant range of ways for you to makeover your smile, from a quick trip to the hygienist to cosmetic re-contouring. Whatever your concern may be, we are sure to have a solution for you! Below we have outlined a number of ways that we…