19 Aug
Dentists offer advice to prevent oral issues linked to prolonged face mask use

As wearing masks becomes part of normal daily life, dentists are offering tips to prevent oral health issues linked to prolonged mask use. Most people won’t experience any side-effects of wearing masks because they only wear them to pop into a shop or visit a public place for a short…

06 May
Irish dentists issue warning over ‘grave threat’ to oral health

The Irish Dental Association has issued a warning over the ‘grave threat’ facing the nation’s oral health.  As practices across the UK and Ireland remain closed during the Coronavirus lockdown, the IDA has suggested that the crisis will take its toll on patients for years to come. One of the…

05 Feb
Expectant mum uses vlogs to share her experience of pregnancy dental dilemmas

A pregnant woman has been praised for sharing her experiences of dental dilemmas with the world via a series of candid vlogs. Many people are aware of morning sickness, back pain, tiredness and swollen ankles, but the risk of dental issues, most notably bleeding and swollen gums, is a less…

23 Oct
New study links watching TV to sugar consumption and decay in children

A new study suggests that children who watch TV on a regular basis are more likely to consume sugary foods and develop tooth decay.  Researchers discovered that kids who watch over 90 minutes of television per day are a third more likely to eat sugary foods and 39% more likely…

16 Oct
Dentists prepare for Mouth Cancer Action Month

Dental professionals up and down the country are gearing up for one of the most important campaigns of the year, Mouth Cancer Action Month. This year’s campaign, which is run by the Oral Health Foundation in conjunction with the Mouth Cancer Foundation, will launch on 1st November. As November approaches,…

15 May
UK dentists urge patients to chuck away charcoal toothpastes

You only have to scroll through social media or read the health sections of magazines to stumble across articles or promotional adverts that feature charcoal toothpaste. In the last few years, charcoal-based dental products have become incredibly popular, especially among young people who are looking to whiten their smiles. Although…