20 Dec
British Dental Association raises concerns over a lack of dental funding

The British Dental Association has raised concerns over a lack of funding for NHS dental services. According to research cited by the BDA, real-term spending on dental care has fallen by £7.50 per head in England. A new study shows that spending on NHS dental care has decreased, despite the…

15 Dec
Treat Yourself to a Smile Makeover This Christmas

Christmas often involves doing a lot of shopping for others. If you’ve gone to the trouble of thinking of incredible gift ideas for your loved ones, why not treat yourself? What could be better than a brand new smile for Christmas? About our smile makeovers Smile makeovers are the ultimate…

13 Dec
New research suggests a link between dentures and muscle frailty

New research has revealed a link between wearing dentures and musculoskeletal frailty. The study, which was led by Dr Weal Sabbah, from King’s College London Dental Institute, suggests that people who are aged over 50 and have fewer than 20 natural teeth are more likely to experience increased frailty in…

01 Dec
How Baker Street Dental takes the fear out of dentistry this December

At Baker Street Dental, we understand that patients can be fearful of the dental chair, the drill or even our friendly dentists themselves. We understand that dental anxiety and dental phobia are common, and we have an experienced team of dental professionals on hand to make every patient’s experience as…