28 Nov
Say Bye-Bye to Bacteria and Hello to Teeth Whitening in London!

It is essential to brush your teeth regularly to keep bacteria at bay, as bacteria from food debris that causes the tooth enamel to yellow. The biggest culprit for causing tooth decay and staining is sugar. It’s worth cutting down on the sugary snacks and crisps if you want to…

25 Nov
Keep That London Smile in Perfect Working Order by Flossing

Keep That London Smile in Perfect Working Order by Flossing The dental industry is always striving to introduce new products to help you maintain a sparkling, healthy smile. As you get older, the need to care for your teeth and gums becomes greater, as does the need to use these…

10 Nov
It's Mouth Cancer Action Month in London!

 November is Mouth Cancer Action Month, and the biggest, most effective and important method for diagnosing cases of oral cancer in its early stages is dental check-ups. Regular check-ups enable us to keep on top of your oral hygiene, as well as giving us the chance to look out for…

03 Nov
What's the Best Kind of Toothbrush to Use in London

There are so many different dental products and brands on offer, so it can sometimes be difficult to choose the best toothbrush. If you find yourself staring aimlessly at the endless toothbrush-lined supermarket shelves trying to decide on the perfect toothbrush, we can help! What kind of toothbrush is best…