29 Aug
Your Teeth and Sports in London

Being in the environment of a very hectic city like London, it can often place a lot of stressful demands on you in the workplace, which is why people turn to recreational sports in order to let off steam. Some of these sports are quite ‘pacifist’ by nature and so…

28 Aug
Illuminating Lumineers in Central London

Cosmetic dentistry is a wonderful thing when you think about it- there is nothing you can’t get today in central London to make your teeth shine like lots of stars in your smile. Lumineers are one of those treatments that rather sum up the city- quick fix, here now, gone…

27 Aug
The City of London and the option of Dentures

Probably every person living in the city of London that fears the idea of having to wear dentures, probably because of the pre-conceived ides they have of them- and they’d be justified because history hasn’t painted a very good image of them. To be fair though, dentures have come a…

25 Aug
Cancer and your mouth in London

  It’s never easy to work out what exactly causes cancer, especially when you see people of a sporting nature being struck down with the disease whilst other unfit people can debauch themselves all their lives without even a murmur- much the same could be said about oral cancer as…

24 Aug
Tackling a Tooth Abscess in Central London

If you have ever met anyone in central London who has experienced a tooth abscess, they will tell you of the nightmares and the dangers involved because this is one of those conditions that arise in the mouth that can become life threatening very quickly. What causes an abscess starts…

23 Aug
Bonding with the City of London

If you are considering any form of a cosmetic quick fix at all to get your teeth into shape in the city of London, you may well be wise to have a look at cosmetic bonding first. For a start it works out cheaper than most other treatments of this…