14 Sep
Dental expert advises against rinsing after brushing to boost dental health

A dental expert has advised against rinsing after brushing to boost dental health.  Many people include rinsing as part of their daily oral hygiene routine but Bupa dentist, Silviu Cartas, is keen to put a stop to this common habit. Washing the mouth after cleaning the teeth can reduce the…

26 Aug
Dentists urge patients to avoid DIY aligners

More and more people are eager to enjoy a straight, beautiful smile. With the demand for orthodontic solutions soaring, a growing number of patients are opting for DIY aligners. DIY aligners are usually purchased online, and they tend to be a lot cheaper than braces provided by dentists and orthodontists….

19 Feb
Are bad habits harming your teeth?

Most people know what they need to do to keep their teeth healthy and strong, but lists of what not to do are much less commonplace. Dentists often talk about cleaning the teeth with fluoride toothpaste, using an electric toothbrush and going for a check-up every six months, but what…