16 Nov
New data suggests fluoridated water reduces decay risk but has limited impact on dental health inequalities

New data suggests that fluoridated water reduces the risk of tooth decay in young children, but its impact is limited in tackling dental health inequalities. The study focused on two locations in Cumbria.

12 Oct
Dentists issue fresh warning over teeth brightening trends as new hacks attract attention on TikTok

Dentists have issued a fresh warning over the safety of viral trends, as new DIY dental hacks attract attention online. TikTok users have been exposed to a steady stream of viral dental trends, prompting dental professionals to raise safety concerns…

04 May
Japanese dental school and robotics company join forces to develop new child-like robot for trainee dentists

A Japanese dental school and robotics company have joined forces to develop a new robot, which mimics the behaviours of children. The robot is designed to help trainee dentists and medics to learn how to deal with children who display critical symptoms.

26 Jan
Pandemic prompts surge in tooth grinding symptoms

The pandemic has contributed to a surge in tooth grinding symptoms. Dentists in the UK have reported an increase in the number of patients displaying signs of grinding and clenching in the last 18-24 months. Tooth grinding, known as bruxism, is a subconscious action, which occurs during sleep and causes…

12 Jan
Prime Minister uses dental crisis to highlight the need to stick with Plan B

The Prime Minister has used the dental crisis to highlight the need to stick with existing Plan B Covid measures. Speaking in the House of Commons ahead of a decision about keeping existing Covid-19 restrictions, Boris Johnson said that it was right to continue with Plan B, as there are…

10 Nov
Oral Health Foundation launches new campaign to encourage safe dentistry

The Oral Health Foundation has launched a new campaign to encourage and promote safe dentistry. Safe Smiles is designed to raise awareness of the risks of DIY dentistry, buying products online and undergoing treatment provided by practitioners who do not have formal dental training. The charity’s programme has been developed…