12 Jan
Prime Minister uses dental crisis to highlight the need to stick with Plan B

The Prime Minister has used the dental crisis to highlight the need to stick with existing Plan B Covid measures. Speaking in the House of Commons ahead of a decision about keeping existing Covid-19 restrictions, Boris Johnson said that it was right to continue with Plan B, as there are…

10 Nov
Oral Health Foundation launches new campaign to encourage safe dentistry

The Oral Health Foundation has launched a new campaign to encourage and promote safe dentistry. Safe Smiles is designed to raise awareness of the risks of DIY dentistry, buying products online and undergoing treatment provided by practitioners who do not have formal dental training. The charity’s programme has been developed…

14 Apr
Dental charity provides treatment for rough sleepers in Eastbourne

A dental charity has provided homeless people in Eastbourne with free emergency dental care. A team of volunteers working for Dentaid has been visiting The Salvation Army citadel on Langley Road on a monthly basis and staff have also been out in the mobile unit providing treatment for rough sleepers…

24 Mar
England’s chief dental officer urges dental teams to help protect women

England’s chief dental officer, Dr Sara Hurley, has urged dental teams to do their bit to protect women in the wake of the murder of Sarah Everard.

26 Feb
Dental charity supports push to expand water fluoridation in England

The Oral Health Foundation is supporting a push by NHS England to expand water fluoridation.  The charity, along with the Community Water Fluoridation Network and NHS England, is campaigning to provide more people in England with access to fluoridated water. The organisations believe that fluoride exposure is one of the…

11 Sep
Chinese scientists develop new tooth-repairing gel

Chinese scientists have developed a new tooth-repairing gel, which could spell the end of fillings. Researchers at the Zhejiang School of Medicine have created a unique gel formula, which is capable of regenerating the tooth enamel. The team’s innovative liquid solution contains calcium and phosphate ions, which are mixed into…