28 Apr
Five Things To Keep To Hand in Case of a Dental Emergency

The problem with dental emergencies is that they’re often impossible to predict. Accidents and injuries can happen when you least expect them, and that’s why it’s beneficial to be prepared. Here are five things to keep to hand in case of a dental emergency. Painkillers Toothache can come on suddenly,…

26 Apr
Dentists back calls for HPV vaccination programme expansion

Research conducted by HPV Action has revealed that the overwhelming majority of dentists support calls for the HPV vaccine to be made available to teenage boys, as well as girls. According to the charity, 97 percent of dentists polled backed plans to expand the vaccination programme to include 12 and…

19 Apr
Is your diet as healthy as you think? Tooth-troubling foods to be wary of

If you’re on a health drive, the chances are that you’ve read articles and blogs about healthy eating before. The worry is that there’s so much information out there, and much of it is conflicting. Diets may be good for weight loss, but are they actually good for your health?…

12 Apr
Teachers call for HPV vaccination to be made available for boys

Teachers have called for HPV vaccinations to be made available for teenage boys, as well as girls. Speaking at the annual conference for the Association of Teachers and Lecturers in Scotland, several professionals backed calls to introduce vaccination for boys, in light of research connecting HPV to forms of cancer…

05 Apr
New study backs link between drug abuse and poor oral health

New research has suggested a link between poor oral health and drug abuse, adding to a growing body of evidence that supports the notion that using illegal drugs harms the teeth and gums. A new review, which has been published online by the journal, Addiction, claims that people who use…

03 Apr
How To Take Care of Sore Wisdom Teeth

Have you ever noticed that everyone seems to make noises or wince whenever the words wisdom and teeth are mentioned in the same sentence? The wisdom teeth have something of a reputation, mainly because they can be incredibly painful. If you’ve got sore wisdom teeth, this article should come in…