30 Sep
The hidden Side Effects of Implants in London

The benefits of having a dental implant fitted has been well charted over the decades and they have been a great aid in the restoring a full set of teeth to the mouth. Later, their use has been extended to help in the support of denture wearers and the location…

29 Sep
The ongoing fight against Tooth Decay in Central London

Tooth decay in central London is the direct result of poor oral hygiene. In the average diet, the foods will consist of carbohydrates and sugar at some point but it’s vital that they are removed from the surface of the tooth, otherwise, the bacteria and acids that emanate from such…

28 Sep
Fending off Wisdom Teeth Pain in the City of London

It’s not the greatest moment of someone’s life when the wisdom teeth start to pop into the world, but for most people living in the city of London, it’s an inevitability that can’t be avoided. So when it does happen there is little you can do but to grin and…

27 Sep
Xerostomia and Dental Cavities in Central London

There are many things that can cause us to suffer from a dry mouth or ‘xerostomia’ in central London (aside from the pollution), lifestyle for one. If we have a bad habit of drinking too much, smoking and have a poor diet to boot, this can lead to the falling…

26 Sep
Porcelain and Resin Veneers in Central London

There is an awful lot of ways to ‘pretty-up’ your teeth these days in central London and you can get rather bogged down with choice, but two of the best options to choose between are the porcelain and the composite resin veneers. Both do the job of shearing up gaps…

25 Sep
Invisalign or Metal Braces…you decide in London

When it comes down to what to choose to get your teeth straightened in London, there are many factors that decide the type of treatment you have. Metal braces are a tried and tested method of straightening teeth. Firstly, they move the teeth slowly so that the mouth can adjust…