11 Jan
New dental recycling scheme launches to encourage practices to go green

A new recycling scheme has launched with the aim of encouraging dental practices to go green. The Philips Dental Care Recycling Programme is a national scheme, which has been set up by Philips in association with Terracycle. The organisations are hoping to work together to get practices across the UK…

20 Dec
British Dental Association raises concerns over a lack of dental funding

The British Dental Association has raised concerns over a lack of funding for NHS dental services. According to research cited by the BDA, real-term spending on dental care has fallen by £7.50 per head in England. A new study shows that spending on NHS dental care has decreased, despite the…

14 Mar
The delicacy of removing a Wisdom Tooth in London

Wisdom teeth can cause all manner of problems when they are due to come through. For a start, they can become impacted because there simply isn’t the room to erupt into, meaning they can grow in all manner of directions and in doing so, can be very painful; it’s a…

15 Jan
Picking A Good One: Dentists In Central London

If you have recently moved to central London or recently started a family, you’ll need to evaluate the dentist you use. If you are single, finding a dentist can be a bit of a lottery, but with a few rules in hand, you can get through this a lot easier…

29 Sep
Getting the right Dentist in Central London

If you decide to move away from home and move to somewhere as vibrant as central London, even with your family, there are weeks of familiarising yourself with the lie of the land, and somewhere in all of this, will be to find yourself a dentist. Now there are a…

21 Aug
Getting a Root Canal in Central London

Root canal treatment has always been a touchy subject to talk about for some people in central London and that’s because it’s a generational thing. When this treatment leaped onto the scene, it was a marvellous leap forward in the treatment of tooth decay. But with any idea, you need…