30 Jul
Learn about Dentistry and Sports from Your London Dentist

Everyone should play sports it’s both fun and healthy. But when you want to play a contact sport you should be careful to consider your dental healthy and take preventative measures. Chipping, cracking, and breaking of teeth are the most common dental injuries suffered in sports. These can occur accidentally…

28 Jul
Central London Dentist Discusses how Lumineers can Help You

A good set of teeth and a smile will take you far in life but unfortunately for many of us this does not come naturally. Even when taking the best possible care of our teeth they can still become discoloured. For some even braces cannot make our teeth perfectly aligned….

27 Jul
Get a Full Set of Teeth with Dentures from your City of London Dentist

If you are missing one or more of your teeth, you may be lacking the confidence to smile with ease, your self-esteem will disappear if you are constantly trying to hide your smile. Aside from cosmetic problems that cause embarrassment and shame, missing teeth can cause difficulties with eating or…

26 Jul
Learn the Signs of Oral Cancer from Your London Dentist.

As with any form of cancer, catching it early can be life saving. When it comes to oral cancer your London dentist will be able to keep a look out for any early signs when you go for your regular visit. It is equally important that you learn some of…

25 Jul
Central London Dentist Offers Root Canal Treatment for Tooth Abscess

All it takes is a simple examination for your Central London dentist to diagnose tooth abscess. If caught early, treatment for tooth abscess will be less time and money consuming. It will also be less painful for you, the patient. Your dentist may ask you to get x-rays in order…

24 Jul
City of London Dentists Offers Dental Bonding as a Versatile Fix for Common Dental Problems

A versatile solution, dental bonding is used for the repair of cracked, decayed, or chipped teeth. It is a relatively simple procedure during which a material of composite resin is applied to your tooth or teeth then bonded. Your dentist in the City of London will be able to create…