14 Jul
New report reveals some baby food pouches contain more sugar than fizzy drinks

A new report has revealed that some baby food pouches contain more sugar than fizzy drinks, including Coca Cola. A recent survey, which analysed the sugar content of 109 food pouches, showed that more than a quarter of the products had higher sugar content than fizzy drinks.

16 Mar
Sugar consumption drops in the UK

Sugar consumption has fallen in the UK following the introduction of the sugar tax on soft drinks. The soft drinks industry levy (SDIL) was brought in almost three years ago in April 2018 to encourage manufacturers to reduce the sugar content in popular drinks. The new tax meant that drinks with more than 8g of sugar per 100…

23 Feb
Adults could hit daily sugar intake after consuming just 2 glasses of wine

New research suggests that adults could hit the recommended daily intake of sugar after consuming just two glasses of wine. Research conducted by the Alcohol Health Alliance UK found that some bottles of wine contain almost 60g of sugar.

09 Feb
New study recommends chewing sugar-free gum to reduce premature birth risk

A new study suggests that chewing sugar-free during pregnancy can reduce the risk of premature birth and low birth weight. Researchers from the US carried out a trial involving pregnant women in Malawi.

17 Nov
New report suggests babies and toddlers could become addicted to sugary foods

A new report has suggested that babies and toddlers could become addicted to sugary foods due to high sugar content in some infant food products. Action on Sugar has produced a new report, which raises concerns over the potential for babies and young children to become addicted to infant foods,…

23 Jan
Health campaigners call for tax on sugar-laden alcoholic pre-mixed drinks

Health campaigners are calling for elevated tax rates to be applied to sugary pre-mixed alcoholic drinks.  Action on Sugar representatives believe that people are consuming more sugar than they realise as a result of buying drinks like pre-mixed cocktails and canned spirits and mixers. A team based at Queen Mary…