29 Nov
Getting the Crown in London

If ever you have suffered from tooth decay and even tooth loss in London and you need to be patched up, chances are you will have to be fitted with some form of crown to repair what you have lost. Serious tooth decay can lead to all manner of problems:…

28 Nov
The Empress Veneer and your Smile in the City of London

If you are going to go all out in the city of London to get the best smile that you can when the cracks, gaps and wear are starting to get the better of you as you get older, then maybe it’s time to turn to cosmetic dentistry to save…

27 Nov
Filling your Teeth ‘naturally’ in the City of London

If you live in a demanding and fashionable place like the city of London, then good luck, because the place demands the best out of you at all times, and cobbled into this equation is the fact that you have to project your best side at every given moment in…

26 Nov
Getting your Teeth into Shape in London

There is a great clamour to get your smile into shape in London, but sometimes you can be seduced into treatments that you really don’t need, when something simpler will suffice. Your teeth show exactly the person you are when you smile and so you want to get them into…

24 Nov
The ways of a Hygienist in London

There are some people that you may not know about in life that are ready to fight your cause in order that you live a perfectly healthy lifestyle at a moments notice in London. Dentists are fabulous people and are always there for you when things go astray, but the…

23 Nov
Removing the Calculus in Central London

Your teeth can be attacked by many things during your life in central London and one of the most fervent is plaque- it’s the thing that we all try to avoid when going about our daily oral hygiene. But it is a persistent thing and we only have to drop…