17 Mar
New study will examine whether cognitive behavioural therapy can benefit children suffering from dental anxiety

A pioneering new study will examine whether children who experience dental anxiety could benefit from cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).  Researchers at the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals will investigate the impact of using resources based on CBT for children who suffer from severe dental anxiety. The team of…

12 Sep
Comet the Labradoodle becomes Australia’s first dental therapy dog

Comet, a 3-year-old labradoodle, has become Australia’s first dental therapy dog. Dr Dan Ford, a paediatric dentist based in Brisbane, has started bringing Comet into his practice to help young patients who suffer from anxiety and nervousness. Dr Ford said that taking Comet into work isn’t just an excuse to…

01 Aug
New dental tech enables dentists to monitor patient stress levels

Most of us feel a little stressed about going to the dentist. It’s normal for your heart rate to rise when you’re waiting to see a dentist and you can hear the whirring sound of the drill in a nearby treatment room, but for some, dental anxiety is so profound…

01 Dec
How Baker Street Dental takes the fear out of dentistry this December

At Baker Street Dental, we understand that patients can be fearful of the dental chair, the drill or even our friendly dentists themselves. We understand that dental anxiety and dental phobia are common, and we have an experienced team of dental professionals on hand to make every patient’s experience as…

24 May
Over a Third of British Adults Are Scared of Seeing the Dentist

New research has found that 34% of people in the UK are scared of visiting the dentist, with 79% of these admitting to putting off receiving medical advice and treatment as a result. This raises the importance of mitigating dental phobia and anxiety with regard to visiting the dentist. The…

18 Jul
Make Dental Fear and Loathing in London Disappear

Fear is a very strange and complex thing and it can smite you down when you least expect it; walking across a bridge, getting on a plane, standing on a cliff edge, and where it comes from is often unknown – maybe the fear of the unknown. Are we born…