25 Mar
Central London dentist has many tips for improving your teeth

Many of us would like to improve our teeth, given the chance. This can be achieved in a number of ways. Both the condition and appearance of our teeth can be improved. The way to improve the condition is through better cleaning and more regular visits to the dentist. We…

24 Mar
Simple, effective bad breath cure from Central London dentist

Typing ‘bad breath cures’ into an internet search engine instantly yields hundreds of thousands of sites promising the latest completely effective cure for bad breath. Some openly reveal their secret while others are more tantalising with their information. Countless herbal, dietary and medicinal solutions are cited as ‘guaranteed cures’ for…

23 Mar
Take home teeth whitening from London dentist is safe and effective

In the last decade there has been a huge increase in the number of teeth whitening products available. Many of these have become available on an over-the-counter basis for easy and convenient treatment at home. The most effective of these home treatments try to copy the design of the in-surgery…

22 Mar
London dentist breaks link between sleep apnea and heart failure

Sleep apnea is a condition that causes patients’ breathing to be interrupted many times during the night on several nights of the week. It has also been found to thicken blood vessels and increase the risk of many forms of cardiovascular disease. It can be particularly dangerous in patients who…

21 Mar
Is scaling and polishing necessary? – Ask a Central London dentist

Keeping your teeth clean and healthy with brushing and flossing is imperative to avoiding dental health problems. It removes plaque and bacteria helping to prevent tooth decay and gum disease that causes painful and damaging dental problems. However, even the most diligent oral hygienist can sometimes fall foul of the…

20 Mar
Stop gum disease with preventative dentistry from Central London dentist

Prevention is better than cure. This is especially true when it comes to looking after your teeth. Dental problems can be particularly nasty and unpleasant, as well as costing you a lot of money to treat, but for the most part they are completely avoidable with better dental care. Better…