30 Mar
British Association of Dental Nurses introduces new menopause policy

The British Association of Dental Nurses (BADN) has introduced a new menopause policy to support members of staff and employers. The BADN has issued new guidelines to support dental nurses who experience symptoms of menopause

23 Mar
Australian dentists issue warning over dangerous DIY tooth whitening products

Dentists in Australia have issued a warning over dangerous DIY tooth whitening products and hacks. Studies suggest that tooth whitening has become more prevalent, but data from the Australian Dental Association shows that…

16 Mar
Sugar consumption drops in the UK

Sugar consumption has fallen in the UK following the introduction of the sugar tax on soft drinks. The soft drinks industry levy (SDIL) was brought in almost three years ago in April 2018 to encourage manufacturers to reduce the sugar content in popular drinks. The new tax meant that drinks with more than 8g of sugar per 100…

09 Mar
Dentists share at-home toothache advice as demand for appointments increases

Dentists have shared advice for patients suffering from toothache as the demand for appointments increases. Toothache is a very common ailment. In many cases, it can be treated without the need for professional intervention, but it is important to note…

02 Mar
UK to introduce licences for Botox and filler treatment

The health secretary has confirmed that a new licensing scheme will be introduced to protect patients undergoing Botox and filler treatment. Under new guidelines, providers in the UK will be required to hold a licence. Currently, practitioners do not need a licence to offer Botox…