07 Dec
Charity urges the public to watch out for mouth cancer symptoms as cases hit record high

The Oral Health Foundation is urging the public to watch out for mouth cancer symptoms, as UK cases hit a record high. Following its annual Mouth Cancer Action Month campaign, which ran throughout November, the charity is calling for people to keep a close eye on their mouths and get…

09 Nov
UK mouth cancer cases rise by 1%

A new report shows that mouth cancer cases have risen by 1% in the last year in the UK. The Oral Health Foundation’s State of Mouth Cancer Report 2022 revealed that case numbers have continued an upward spiral in the last 12 months. In the last decade, there has been a 34% increase in cases. Since 2002, the number of people diagnosed with mouth cancer has risen by 103%. 

02 Nov
Oral Health Foundation launches 2022 Mouth Cancer Action Month campaign

The Oral Health Foundation has launched its annual Mouth Cancer Action Month campaign. Established in 2000, the campaign, which runs throughout November, is designed to raise awareness of oral cancer. Mouth cancer has become more common in the UK, but awareness remains relatively low.  The aim of Mouth Cancer Action…

31 Aug
Patients urged to seek urgent advice if they notice symptoms linked to oral cancer

Dentists are urging patients to seek advice if they notice symptoms, which could be linked to oral cancer.  Recently, health experts raised concerns about missed oral cancer cases due to a shortage of routine dental appointments. A recent study by the BBC revealed that around 90% of practices are not…

18 Aug
Lack of dental appointments could lead to surge in undetected mouth cancer cases, experts warn

A lack of routine dental appointments could lead to a surge in undetected mouth cancer cases, experts have warned. A recent investigation by the BBC found that 90% of UK dental practices are not accepting new adult NHS patients.

15 Dec
Dental charity highlights the ‘big 3’ risk factors for oral cancer

Dental charity, the Oral Health Foundation, is raising awareness of the causes of oral cancer by highlighting the ‘big 3’ risk factors. The foundation is educating people about the causes of mouth cancer after a survey revealed that only 15% of people are aware of the main risk factors. The…