20 Jan
Survey shows almost 30% of people smoked more during second lockdown

A new survey on health and lifestyle habits has revealed that almost 30% of smokers smoked more than normal during the second lockdown. New data released by Public Health England suggests that 29% of participants said that they smoked more during the November lockdown. The most common reasons included fears…

13 Jan
New study suggests having over 10 sexual partners increases throat cancer risk

A new study suggests that having more than 10 sexual partners can elevate the risk of developing throat cancer.  Researchers in the US surveyed more than 500 people, asking questions about their sexual practices and history. The team found that people who had more sexual partners were more likely to…

15 Jul
Dental association urges ministers to review guidelines to enable practices to relaunch oral cancer screening

The British Association of Private Dentistry (BAPD) is encouraging ministers to review guidelines to enable dental practices to offer oral cancer screening. The BAPD carried out a straw poll of members last week to gather information about screening and referrals. Of the 755 participants, 676 admitted that they had experienced…

20 Dec
Scientists develop spit test to diagnose oral cancer caused by HPV

Scientists have developed a simple spit test, which could help to diagnose cases of mouth and throat cancer caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV).  A new study suggests that the test could save thousands of lives every year. Oral cancer is a form of cancer that has become more…

26 Jun
New study suggests that HPV vaccines for boys may reduce head and neck cancer rates

A new study suggests that providing the HPV vaccine for boys may contribute to lower cancer rates. The vaccine, which is currently only available for girls, protects against the HPV, or human papilloma virus. This virus is linked to several forms of cancer, including cervical cancer and head and neck…

17 Apr
The Head and Neck Cancer Foundation urges patients to ask dentists to provide oral cancer checks

The Head and Neck Cancer Foundation is encouraging patients to ask their dentist to include oral cancer checks in routine appointments. Oral cancer checks should be provided as part of a routine dental check-up, but the HNCF is urging patients to make sure that their dentists are carrying out the…