03 Nov
Health chiefs advise patients to go to emergency dentists and use GPs and pharmacies before visiting A&E departments

Health chiefs have issued a plea to reduce pressure on A&E departments with winter fast approaching. As pressure on emergency NHS services increases in line with the demand for treatment during the winter and the ongoing pandemic, NHS England’s national medical director, Professor Stephen Powis, is urging members of the…

03 Feb
Britain experiences a DIY dentistry boom in lockdown

Britain has experienced a DIY dentistry boom during the course of the Covid-19 lockdowns, new research suggests.  A study carried out by the Association of Dental Groups (ADG) revealed that 1 out of 4 households had attempted DIY dental care, while Boots has reported a surge in sales of dental…

11 Oct
Is our new obsession with posh popcorn contributing to rising rates of dental injuries?

Have you noticed that supermarket aisles and café shelves are packed with all kinds of popcorn-based snacks these days? In the last few years, there’s been a huge increase in the variety of popcorn products available, with manufacturers profiting from the nation’s obsession with healthy snacking. The trouble is that…

28 Oct
What to do When a Dental Emergency Strikes

Dental emergencies can strike at the worst of times. Often, when it’s that time of year when we need to renew our car insurance, pay car tax and then get repairs done for the failed MOT. Not to mention the money that goes on other living costs; To add a…

09 Sep
How to Handle a Dental Emergency

Emergencies happen. For that reason, we at Baker Street Dental in London keep several ‘emergency’ dental appointments free every day. Here is how we can help you, and how you can help yourself, in a variety of emergency dental scenarios. What if my tooth gets knocked out? Firstly, try (if possible) not…

05 Jan
Dealing with Dental Emergencies in Central London

Emergencies can happen at any time in any place, and we have a dedicated team of experienced dentists on hand to care for your dental needs around the clock. If you need urgent dental treatment, we are here to free you from pain and patch you up. Simply call us…