29 Jan
Getting Dental Implants in the City of London

If you have a tooth missing and are considering getting it replaced in the city of London, or are having problems with your dentures slipping around, you may like to consider having a dental implant fitted to help you with the dilemma. Implants are used for a number of dental…

27 Jan
Fighting Dental Phobias in Central London

If you are suffering in central London from the hot sweats and start shaking from the sound of the word dentist, it’s reasonable to assume that you are suffering from dental phobia and it’s not a funny situation to be in either. This problem can cause all manner of traumas…

25 Jan
Preventative Dentistry and Gum Disease in London

One of the biggest and possibly most dangerous problems that occur in the mouth in London is gum disease and it needs to be remedied quickly. Not only can it cause problems in the mouth such as tooth loss, it can lead to repertory, kidney, diabetes and heart problems too….

24 Jan
Sleep Apnea and Heart Failure in Central London

If you happen to live alone in central London, it’s very difficult to know if you have any problems when you sleep, such as teeth grinding or snoring. You may also be unaware that you suffer from sleep apnea too. Apnea is the term associated with erratic breathing or pauses…

23 Jan
Oral Hygiene in London

Oral hygiene should fit into your regime in London as importantly as anything else in your life, for it can have very serious implications to your overall health, let alone your bank balance in the long run. If you have any doubts about how you should care for your teeth,…

21 Jan
Choosing Porcelain Veneers in London

“I’m just going for a fag, get us another glass of red will you, oh, and let’s get a kebab on the way home yeah?” As familiar (and nice!) as that might sound, we don’t half subject our mouth to torture in London. Combine that with general wear and tear…