27 Nov
The Invisible Route to Straighter Teeth

Remember years ago when it was embarrassing to be seen with unsightly braces on your teeth? Numerous patients still wear metal braces. Not only does the wearer feel insecure about wearing a brace, but the stress of brushing and getting around the metal braces is a difficult task to say…

20 Nov
Addressing Dental Health Problems in London

We use our mouths for many necessary things such as eating, drinking and talking. We also use our mouths for many unnecessary things like opening sachets of food, biting pens and chewing our fingernails. In a day, our mouths get a workout and are subject to dozens of objects and millions…

13 Nov
Get Straighter Teeth in Style with Invisalign

Invisalign is one of our most popular treatments. It is an invisible orthodontic treatment that gives you beautifully straight teeth without having to worry about what anyone else thinks of your braces. If you’ve been looking for a treatment that promises amazing results and ultimate discretion, this is the system for you! What is…

06 Nov
Root Canal Treatment – The Easy and Effective Way

Learn more about root canal treatment with the dentists of London A procedure used to fix and save decayed or infected teeth, root canal treatment involves the removal of the damaged tissue from the inside of a tooth. Once the pulp underneath the layers is exposed, there is a high chance of…