24 Nov
Six-Month Smile braces from London dentist creates dream smile

Teeth straightening technology has advanced in huge strides over the last twenty years. A few decades ago, patients would have been limited to one sort of metal brace, more than likely of the iconic ‘train-track’ variety, to straighten their teeth. These uncomfortable and let’s face it, ugly, metal brackets were…

23 Nov
Restore appearance of healthy teeth with dental bridge from City of London dentist

One of the most common ways of replacing a missing tooth is to have a dental bridge fitted. A dentist will secure two crowns on either side of the gap and bridge the hole using an artificial tooth, creating the appearance of a real tooth. People can be missing teeth…

22 Nov
London dentist recommends dentures to replace missing teeth

As dental technology improves with the increased use of computer aided design and manufacture dentists are able to achieve more realistic and lifelike results. One aspect of dentistry that has significantly improved over recent years is the manufacture of dentures. In the past dentures have often been poorly made and…

21 Nov
Digital x-rays at City of London dentist represent future of dentistry

For dentists in the past, building up a three-dimensional image of a patient’s mouth was a difficult and drawn out process. It involved taking several uncomfortable dental moulds of the patient and then some x-rays which would take several days to develop. This lengthy process added to patient’s waiting times…

20 Nov
Bring the shine back to your smile with Enlighten teeth whitening from Central London dentist

One of the facts of life we must face is that as we get older our hair loses its natural colour and turns grey. It is also true that our teeth will lose their natural white colour with time. As with grey hair, this affects some people more than others…

19 Nov
London dentist cures gum disease

One of the most common dental concerns is gum disease, which is also known in its less serious form as gingivitis and more seriously as periodontitis. Most people will probably suffer from mild gingivitis at some point and not even realise it. Effective brushing and cleaning will help to beat…