13 Feb
New figures reveal 26% increase in cases of illegal tooth whitening

New figures from the General Dental Council show a 26% increase in the number of reports of illegal tooth whitening in 2019. The GDC has clamped down on the provision of illegal whitening treatments, but reports suggest that this is an industry that is still rife. Tooth whitening is a…

27 Feb
Dentists urge the public to take caution when buying high-street tooth whitening products

Dentists have urged the public to exercise caution when buying high-street tooth whitening products. The British Dental Association has issued a warning over the safety of some products after new research revealed that some items sold at popular stores like Boots and Superdrug softened the enamel. The findings of the…

30 Nov
Brighter Teeth in One Hour With Zoom!

Do you long for a whiter smile? Have you got an hour to spare? If so, we have great news for you! With Zoom! whitening, we can produce whiter, brighter smiles in just one hour! What is Zoom! whitening? Zoom! whitening is a rapid, in-chair whitening treatment, which is capable…

31 Oct
Why Not Both? Combination Teeth Whitening at Baker Street in London

If you’re looking into tooth whitening, you may have come across at-home and in-chair treatments. Both have incredible benefits, and this can make it difficult to choose which option to go for. If you’re struggling to decide, why not enjoy the best of both worlds? With Enlighten combination whitening, you…

15 Aug
Trading Standards issues warning over illegal tooth warning

Trading Standards has issued a warning over the provision of illegal tooth whitening treatment. The regulator has warned that visiting non-dentists for treatment can result in significant injuries, as research suggests that treatments are being offered for as little as £60. Under EU legislation, tooth whitening is a dental treatment,…

02 Aug
Powerful In-chair Teeth Whitening with Zoom!

Nothing makes you feel more confident than a beautiful, bright smile. If your teeth are stained or discoloured, or you’d simply like to add a little extra sparkle, allow us to introduce you to Zoom! Zoom! whitening is a rapid in-chair treatment, which produces incredible results in just one hour….