23 Feb
Adults could hit daily sugar intake after consuming just 2 glasses of wine

New research suggests that adults could hit the recommended daily intake of sugar after consuming just two glasses of wine. Research conducted by the Alcohol Health Alliance UK found that some bottles of wine contain almost 60g of sugar.

16 Feb
Salisbury hospital uses mouthwash to treat Covid patients

Teams at a hospital in Salisbury are using mouthwash to treat patients with severe symptoms of Covid-19. Patients and staff at Salisbury District Hospital are now given mouthwash after research confirmed that it can help to reduce the risk of severe disease…

09 Feb
New study recommends chewing sugar-free gum to reduce premature birth risk

A new study suggests that chewing sugar-free during pregnancy can reduce the risk of premature birth and low birth weight. Researchers from the US carried out a trial involving pregnant women in Malawi.

02 Feb
New study set to explore role of dentists in reducing obesity rates

A new study is set to explore the role dentists could play in reducing rates of obesity. Led by a team at Loughborough University, the study will investigate how dentists could help to lower the risks of obesity. Researchers believe that dental professionals could play an integral role in helping…