29 Aug
The sharp-shooting Inman Aligner does London

It has to be said that the world of orthodontics in London has really upped its game over the past 30 years or so. There are some stunning little devices on the market that will straighten your teeth, quickly and discreetly, just what you need to get through this tempestuous…

28 Aug
How the art of Invisalign treats the City of London

It is hard to think of something that will straighten your teeth in the city of London as being a work of art, but that is just what Invisalign is. It won’t work for everyone, so you will have to be vetted and tested to see if the Invisalign programme…

27 Aug
A lovely smile- Teeth Straightening in London

Getting your teeth straightened in London has become refined over the past few decades and it has actually become fast and furious to do. For example, the Inman aligner can get your teeth straightened in only 6 weeks. However, most braces and aligners can work for you starting from 6…

26 Aug
Gorgeous healthy Gums in Central London

Your gums are a much prised procession in your mouth: they house your teeth and ensure that you have a stunning smile whenever you go dashing around central London. However, they are very delicate and are certainly not indestructible; they are also very vulnerable to infection and disease, so you…

24 Aug
Delighting your Mouth with dishy Dentures in the City of London

Whatever you make think about dentures in the city of London, they do a job at repairing your mouth from both a visual and health level. They don’t always get the praise they deserve either, probably because they have looked cheap and nasty in the past. But modern dentures have…

23 Aug
Spotting problems that cause Bad Breath in London

You don’t really want to be going out to the pub, club or even work in London if you are suffering from bad breath because you are going to win people over with this condition and as soon as this has been pointed out to you that you have a…