29 Jun
Five Steps to Straighter Teeth

With terrific orthodontic treatments like Simpli5, it’s never been easier to get a straighter smile. We can provide you with beautiful, straight teeth in no time at all, using a very simple process that involves five steps. Your consultation: during your consultation, your dentist will have a look at your…

27 Jun
New study reveals alarming standards of oral health among Britain’s elite athletes

A new study has revealed alarming standards of oral health among Britain’s elite athletes. A study conducted by researchers at University College London showed that around 50 percent of athletes suffer from dental issues that are severe enough to have a negative impact on their performance. The team identified high…

20 Jun
Reports suggest HPV vaccine will be made available to boys and girls

Reports suggest that the government is set to roll out the HPV vaccine programme to include boys, as well as girls. According to the Daily Mail, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation has backed calls from dental organisations to enable boys to benefit from the scheme. The HPV vaccination…

13 Jun
Why dentists are fighting for HPV vaccines for boys

Recently, a group of high-profile dental organisations called for the government to consider rolling out the HPV vaccination programme to include teenage boys, as well as girls. The vaccine, which is currently provided for girls as they enter their teenage years to protect against cervical cancer, is the subject of…

06 Jun
Researchers hail breakthrough, which could put a stop to painful decay

Researchers from Queen Mary University of London claim to have made a major breakthrough in the development of a material, which could put a stop to painful dental decay. Scientists believe that they have created a material, which could facilitate enamel regeneration, preventing sensitivity and reducing the risk of cavities….

01 Jun
Three Ways to Treat Chipped Teeth

The teeth are amazingly strong, but they’re not immune to damage. Even if you look after your teeth really well, there’s always a risk of injuries like chips. If you have a chipped tooth, there are various solutions out there. These include: Composite fillings: if you have a minor chip,…