24 Jul
Flossing Can Keep That London Summer Smile in Perfect Working Order

It can’t be said that the dental industry doesn’t try to come up with products to help you maintain a healthy smile- something that you will definitely desire in a hot summer in London when everyone starts to look great, free and beautiful. As you get older the need to…

18 Jul
Make Dental Fear and Loathing in London Disappear

Fear is a very strange and complex thing and it can smite you down when you least expect it; walking across a bridge, getting on a plane, standing on a cliff edge, and where it comes from is often unknown – maybe the fear of the unknown. Are we born…

12 Jul
A London Dentist Can Help To Halt Your Sleep Apnoea

Sleep is that beautiful time when your body shuts down and you re-generate for the next day ahead….well that’s the idea and it will indeed if you maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, sleep for lots of people in London can also be a very dangerous scenario if you fit into…

07 Jul
Central London Check-Ups Will Save You Money in The Long Run

A lot of you people in central London are very busy. So fitting in the important things such as dental and doctor’s appointments can be difficult to juggle into a hectic day, but juggle you must, because we are talking about your health here. When it comes to attending a…