25 May
New report suggests over 40 million adults will be overweight by 2040

A new report compiled by Cancer Research UK suggests that over 40 million adults in the UK will be overweight by 2040. Research indicates that around 70% of people will be overweight by 2040 based on current trends. Of the 42 million people classed as overweight, 21 million will be obese.

02 Feb
New study set to explore role of dentists in reducing obesity rates

A new study is set to explore the role dentists could play in reducing rates of obesity. Led by a team at Loughborough University, the study will investigate how dentists could help to lower the risks of obesity. Researchers believe that dental professionals could play an integral role in helping…

19 May
TV and online junk food advertising to be banned before the watershed

The government has confirmed a total ban on TV and online junk food advertising before the watershed. As part of the Health and Care Bill, which was outlined recently in the Queen’s Speech, all adverts for junk food will be banned before 9pm. The bill also requires businesses with over…

30 Oct
Could a vegan diet put your dental health at risk?

  Although vegan diets are often associated with health benefits, it is important to note that any diet can be unhealthy if you choose the wrong foods, or the meals and snacks you consume don’t contain the nutrients needed by the body for optimum health. Many people choose to go…