21 Aug
Adult braces are more popular than ever before

In years gone by, braces were associated with teenagers and youngsters battling orthodontic imperfections, but today, the story is very different. While braces remain a very effective treatment for children with issues that affect tooth alig nment, more and more adults are opting to have orthodontic treatment. According to the…

31 Oct
London-based researchers develop new adhesive to prevent decay in orthodontic patients

Queen Mary University Researchers in London have developed a new adhesive, which could help to prevent decay in orthodontic patients. The team has created a new material, which is designed to protect the tooth surface surrounding the bracket components of fixed braces. Often, patients who have fixed braces are susceptible…

29 Jun
Five Steps to Straighter Teeth

With terrific orthodontic treatments like Simpli5, it’s never been easier to get a straighter smile. We can provide you with beautiful, straight teeth in no time at all, using a very simple process that involves five steps. Your consultation: during your consultation, your dentist will have a look at your…

30 Mar
5 Reasons To Wear Retainers after Teeth Straightening

If you’ve had tooth straightening treatment, the last thing you want is for all the good work to come undone. Here are 5 reasons why it’s important to use retainers after wearing braces: Prolonged results: retainers are specially designed to maintain the position of the teeth. Braces move the teeth…

28 Feb
Did You Know You Can Have Braces That Are Practically Invisible When You Smile?

Are you apprehensive about having braces because you’re worried about how you’ll look? Have you put off having treatment in the past because you didn’t want to wear visible braces? Do you dream of being able to have a gorgeous smile without any anxiety related to your image or what…

31 Jan
Five Reasons Why Retainers are So Important after Orthodontic Treatment

If you’ve had orthodontic treatment, we strongly recommend using retainers once your braces have been removed. Here are 5 good reasons why retainers are so important for orthodontic patients: Results maintenance: if you’ve got a stunning new straight smile, the last thing you want is for the good work to…