30 Nov
Dentist raises concerns over latest TikTok DIY toothpaste trend

A dentist has raised concerns over the latest TikTok trend, which encourages people to make their own fluoride-free toothpaste at home. Dr Cathryn Madden, head dentist at Bupa Dental Care, warned TikTok users not to embrace DIY techniques and recipes seen in the latest viral videos, which feature ingredients that…

23 Nov
Global report shows almost half of the population has an oral disease

A new global report suggests that almost half of the population has an oral disease.  The Global Oral Health Status Report shows that 45% of the world’s population suffers from an oral disease. This equates to approximately 3.5 billion people.  During the last thirty years, the number of cases of…

16 Nov
New data suggests fluoridated water reduces decay risk but has limited impact on dental health inequalities

New data suggests that fluoridated water reduces the risk of tooth decay in young children, but its impact is limited in tackling dental health inequalities. The study focused on two locations in Cumbria.

09 Nov
UK mouth cancer cases rise by 1%

A new report shows that mouth cancer cases have risen by 1% in the last year in the UK. The Oral Health Foundation’s State of Mouth Cancer Report 2022 revealed that case numbers have continued an upward spiral in the last 12 months. In the last decade, there has been a 34% increase in cases. Since 2002, the number of people diagnosed with mouth cancer has risen by 103%. 

02 Nov
Oral Health Foundation launches 2022 Mouth Cancer Action Month campaign

The Oral Health Foundation has launched its annual Mouth Cancer Action Month campaign. Established in 2000, the campaign, which runs throughout November, is designed to raise awareness of oral cancer. Mouth cancer has become more common in the UK, but awareness remains relatively low.  The aim of Mouth Cancer Action…