27 May
Could the Covid-19 crisis contribute to a spike in oral cancer cases?

A new survey suggests that British people are snacking more during lockdown.  A well-known figure in the dental industry has suggested that the Covid-19 crisis could lead to a spike in mouth cancer cases. Sam Waley-Cohen, former jockey and owner of Portman Dental Care, has called for practices to be…

20 May
New survey suggests Brits are snacking more in lockdown

A new survey suggests that British people are snacking more during lockdown.  Research conducted by the Oral Health Foundation revealed that 38% of adults are snacking more frequently than normal. The statistics for young adults are particularly concerning, with 61% of under-31s admitting to grazing between meals. Over 70% of…

13 May
Dental roles among the riskiest, according to new study on Covid-19 exposure

A new study has revealed that dental professionals are one of the most at-risk groups in terms of exposure to Covid-19 infection. Data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) suggested that dental nurses face the highest risk of exposure, followed by nurses, medical practitioners, residential wardens and care escorts….

29 Apr
Dental experts advise patients against attempting DIY dental care

Dental experts are advising patients against attempting DIY dental care during the Coronavirus lockdown. Many practices in the UK have been closed for over a month now, and dentists are eager to ensure patients have access to urgent care so that they don’t need to try and undertake procedures at…

22 Apr
Dentists are worried about a shortage of PPE

Dentists in England are worried about a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), according to the British Dental Association. A survey carried out by the BDA revealed that 54% of those polled had concerns about a lack of PPE. Dentists across England are worried that running out of PPE will…

15 Apr
Bristol dental hospital becomes cancer treatment base

Patients who are receiving treatment for cancer have been advised to attend appointments at Bristol Dental Hospital for the foreseeable future. The hospital, which is known for providing first-class dental services, has become a temporary base for cancer treatment.  On April 6th, patients were informed that courses of treatment currently…