28 Jul
Mo the lioness undergoes three-hour dental operation in Suffolk

Mo, an 18-year-old lioness, has undergone a three-hour dental operation in Suffolk.  The lioness, who lives at Africa Alive in Kessingland, Suffolk, needed root canal therapy to save two of her canine teeth.  Staff at the zoo said that it isn’t always easy to spot dental problems in lions but…

14 Jul
New survey reveals a third of Americans didn’t see a dentist regularly before the pandemic

The pandemic has impacted dental attendance rates but a new survey suggests that a third of patients in the US didn’t see a dentist regularly before Covid-19 hit. The National Health Interview Survey, a government poll, indicated that a third of adults aged under 65 hadn’t been to the dentist…

07 Jul
Oral health boxes are the latest subscription trend

Subscriptions have become increasingly popular in recent years, with consumers signing up for everything from beauty products to edible treats. Now, a new trend has emerged, as oral health boxes represent the latest in wellness subscription trends.  Sydney-based dentist, FY Smile, has launched the Complete Oral Wellness Subscription, offering customers…