29 Oct
Deciphering a Dental Injury in the City of London

It’s a natural response by the body and brain to hit the panic button whenever any part of you gets injured- the important thing however is how you respond after the initial shock and what you do about it so that you won’t make irrational decisions. The perfect example of…

27 Oct
Checking-in for a Check-up at your London Dentists

So, with all of the most remarkable products available to you on the market to keep your gums and teeth healthy with, what’s the point of going back and forth to the dentists in London for a check-up twice a year? Well foolish person, unless you are a dentist and…

26 Oct
The skill of cleaning your Teeth in Central London

As we gently drift into adulthood, it is pretty safe to say that most of us in central London don’t like being told how to look after ourselves any more, considering we have been taught this all of our lives up until now. But that would be probably the most…

25 Oct
Glory Brushing in the City of London

If you are keen on your oral hygiene in the city of London and you want to get it right, then it all starts with getting the right brush. This is not as easy as it sounds and your needs will invariably change as you get older so how do…

24 Oct
Death by Sleep Apnea in London

One of the important ingredients to living a long life in London is to ensure that you have a healthy sleep pattern in order to rebuild your energy for the next day ahead and if you have a good diet, keep your nose clean and live stress free, then you…

23 Oct
Eroding Teeth in Central London

Erosion of any type is a destructive element in any situation and the same can be said of teeth erosion as well. We subject our mouths to a lot of sins in central London from food, drink and sometimes smoking, and unless we continue to keep up will a good…