27 Jul
British Dental Association teams up with BBC to highlight dangers of dental tourism

The British Dental Association has teamed up with the BBC to highlight the dangers of dental tourism. Members of the BDA have worked with the BBC on a new documentary, which outlines the potential risks of having dental treatment overseas. As part of their research for making the programme, the…

14 Jul
New report reveals some baby food pouches contain more sugar than fizzy drinks

A new report has revealed that some baby food pouches contain more sugar than fizzy drinks, including Coca Cola. A recent survey, which analysed the sugar content of 109 food pouches, showed that more than a quarter of the products had higher sugar content than fizzy drinks.

06 Jul
Dentists issue dental tourism warning as more Brits travel abroad

Dentists have issued a warning over dental tourism, as more Brits choose to travel abroad. Experts are encouraging people who are thinking about going overseas for dental treatment to research extensively and compare prices with UK practices before taking the plunge.