23 Dec
Tackling an Abscessed Tooth in London

Some conditions in your mouth can be quite dangerous if left to fester and one of the worst is a tooth abscess- and in some cases, it can prove to be fatal in London. An abscess only breaks out if you have been flippant with your oral hygiene and allowed…

16 Dec
Central London’s answer to tricky procedures: Waterlase

As dentistry gets up to speed with technology in central London, then treatments become more refined and painless, and there is no better example of this than Waterlase. Laser techniques have made an incredible impact on modern dental procedures and they have eradicated some very painful treatments such as root…

09 Dec
BOTOXING your way to a great Smile in the City of London

It is remarkable how modern-day dentistry can put that smile back on your face in the city of London; cosmetics can do wonders for your teeth. But ‘new’ dentistry has gone the extra mile and doesn’t just concern itself with what’s going on inside of your mouth; it can work…

02 Dec
Why you should Stop Grinding your Teeth whilst Sleeping in London

London is a demanding place: it expects a lot of you and you need to be on top of your game to get by. However, with such requirements comes stress and at first, you may not even notice the pressures put upon you, but one tell-tale sign is teeth grinding….