31 Jul
Four Summer Foods For a Healthy Smile

Summer has finally arrived, and we’re basking in beautiful sunshine. When warm weather descends, it’s common to embrace seasonal foods and drinks and classic summer staples. While some foods and drinks can be bad for your teeth, there are lots of options that can be beneficial for your oral health….

25 Jul
London “charlatan” ordered to pay over £15,000 after failed Illegal Whitening appeal

A man from London was described as a “charlatan” by the judge who quashed his appeal relating to a 2017 conviction for practising dentistry illegally, which led to the first-ever dentistry related Criminal Behaviour Order imposed in the UK threatening further criminal case. Jeffery Lehman, a former dental technician, was…

18 Jul
New research suggests parents allow children to consume up to 5 times more sugar during the holidays

New research suggests that parents will allow their children to consume up to five times more sugar than normal during the summer holidays. A poll has revealed that parents in the UK adopt a much more lenient stance when it comes to diet and nutrition in the holidays. The survey,…

11 Jul
Is there any need to worry about dental amalgam in the wake of new filling guidelines?

Recently, it was revealed that the use of mercury amalgam fillings would be restricted. Having reignited the debate about the safety of amalgam fillings, is it right for us to be worried about old fillings in wake of the publication of new guidelines? If you have mercury fillings, you may…

04 Jul
New MRI scanners could increase mercury leakage from fillings

A new BBC report suggests that new, more sophisticated MRI scanners could increase mercury leakage from amalgam fillings. Trials have revealed that new scanners, which are more powerful, caused more mercury vapour to leak from extracted teeth than teeth that were scanned using older equipment. Using a test tube of…