25 May
Amazing Mercury-Free Dentistry

Baker Street Dental Group is proud to be a mercury-free clinic and we are delighted to offer our clients beautifully crafted, environmentally friendly white fillings. With white fillings, we are able to fill cavities and restore teeth without taking away from the beauty of your smile. Whether you need a new…

18 May
Getting to the Bare Bones of Grafting

Bone grafting is a procedure often recommended for patients who are hoping to undergo dental implant treatment. About dental implants Dental implants are an innovative option for patients who are looking to replace missing teeth. The implant is a small, screw-like prosthesis made from titanium. The aim of treatment is for the…

11 May
What is a Retainer and Why Do I Need One?

Every orthodontic patient is advised to wear a retainer, but what exactly is a retainer and why is it so important? What exactly is a retainer? A retainer is an appliance recommended for patients who have had orthodontic treatment to straighten and align the teeth. Retainers are worn to keep…

04 May
Marvellous MACveneers

If you’re searching for a treatment that guarantees stunning aesthetics as well as durability and longevity, we have fantastic news. With MACveneers, you can enjoy a beautiful, strong and healthy looking smile for years to come. What are MACveneers? MACveneers are ultra-thin yet incredibly durable veneers made in the MAC studios in…