29 Feb
Hear What Sleep Apnoea is from a Top London Dentist

Sleep apnoea is a sleeping disorder which involves interrupted breathing during sleep, either through a partial blockage of the airway (hypopnoea) or a total blockage. Aside from causing day to day tiredness, sleep apnoea is very dangerous, and can increase a person’s risk or heart disease, type 2 diabetes and…

28 Feb
City of London Dentist Explains Mouth Guards

A mouth guard is a device which covers and protects the teeth and gums. Mouth guards have many uses in the field of oral health – they can be used to treat both bruxism (grinding of the teeth) and TMJ disorders. However, their primary application is almost certainly as protective…

27 Feb
Are You Looking for Root Canal Treatment in the City of London?

The root canal of your tooth is the part of the tooth which extends into the bone of the jaw, rooting the tooth into place. It isn’t visible from inside the mouth, and includes the dental pulp in the center of your tooth. One tooth may have more than one…

25 Feb
Ever Considered Professional Tooth Whitening in London?

Do you sometimes look in the mirror and feel disappointed by the sight of discoloured teeth? Tooth discolouration is completely normal, particularly as we age, but it can have damaging effects on our self-esteem. Many people have discoloured teeth because they consume too many foods and drinks, like coffee, tea,…

24 Feb
Looking for a Dental Hygienist in London

A dental hygienist is a particular kind of dental professional who specializes in oral hygiene – rather than providing corrective treatments, such as fillings, bridges or extractions, they conduct preventative dental care. Oral hygiene is key in preventing problems such as tooth decay and infection which often cause us to need dental…

23 Feb
Looking for Tooth Jewellery in London?

Tooth jewellery is the latest dental trend. It consists of a small, sparkling gem attached to one of the visible teeth, to give your smile an extra shine. The gems come in a range of colours and materials, and once seen only on celebrities, are slowly becoming more and more…