29 Oct
The dodgy link between Xerostomia and Cavities in Central London

Xerostomia is a one of those conditions that doesn’t seem that bad on paper, but in reality, it can play havoc in the mouth in central London. It is essentially a dry mouth; now this can be caused by taking lots of medication, smoking a lot, recreational drugs or having…

28 Oct
Dental Implants: the after effects in London

Dental implants have become quite a refined operation over the years, thanks mainly to computer and laser technology that has crept in London’s dental surgeries; most dentists are at it these days. It involves going through the gum with a laser and the screwing in of a small titanium root…

26 Oct
There is no Wisdom in tooth pain in the City of London

Okay, so you have come through years of oral turmoil- decay, secondary teeth and braces; you may well have thought you’d got through the worst of it in the city of London by the time you hit 17….alas no. The final thing on the agenda is the surfacing of your…

25 Oct
Dealing with Tooth decay quickly in London

It should be quite obvious to you as you get older and experienced in London, that if anything goes wrong within your body, then the quicker you get sorted out, the better chance you have of recovery; this too goes for anything that goes awry in the mouth. Take tooth…

24 Oct
Invisalign over Braces- Central London decides

There are a myriad of ways you can knock your ungainly and crooked teeth into shape these days in central London; orthodontics has got better and better over the years and has become vastly improved with time. Just take a look at Invisalign; this remarkable device can have your teeth…

23 Oct
Getting a Toothbrush in the City of London

Keeping your teeth clean in the city of London should start with the basics, and this involves getting a toothbrush that suits you. The strength of the bristles depends on how delicate your mouth is, so you should work this out with your dentist before you go splashing your cash….