31 Jul
Why it is Important to Wear Retainers After Brace Treatment

If you have braces, you’ll be advised to wear retainers after treatment. When you’re looking forward to having your braces removed and enjoying your new-found freedom, retainers may not be the first thing you want, but not using them could have serious implications. Why are retainers so important? Retainers are orthodontic…

26 Jul
Dental hygiene can make all the difference in care homes

A dental hygienist who is committed to delivering hygiene services to care home residents has spoken out about the importance of dental hygiene for older people. Jane Peterson describes dental care as “vital” for care home residents and said that more needs to be done to ensure that people understand…

19 Jul
Dentists urge parents to check nutrition labels as ‘healthy’ snacks and drinks help to fuel decay epidemic

Dentists have urged parents to check food labels and nutritional information guidelines in a bid to crack down on rising rates of childhood decay. Excessive sugar consumption is fuelling an epidemic of decay, which is resulting in thousands of young children ending up in hospital having teeth extracted under general…

14 Jul
Designing your Perfect Smile With Smile Makeovers

Do you dream of having a perfect smile? Are you envious when you see people on TV or in magazine adverts with flawless teeth? If you have a dream, we can make it come true. You don’t need to be a model, a social media star or an Oscar-nominated actor…

12 Jul
Did you know that bad breath and gum disease could increase your risk of heart disease?

It is well-documented that high blood pressure, inactivity and smoking are linked to an elevated risk of heart disease, but did you know that bad breath and gum disease could also be risk factors for strokes and heart attacks? Dr Nigel Carter OBE, chief executive of the Oral Health Foundation,…

05 Jul
Prolonged breastfeeding can increase the risk of dental cavities, new study claims

A new study has suggested that prolonged breastfeeding can increase the risk of severe dental decay in young children. Researchers from the University of Adelaide found that children who were breastfed up to and beyond the age of 2 years old were more likely to develop severe cavities by the…