07 Aug
The British Dental Association warns against online dentistry, as US firm launches £1,500 invisible braces you can order on the web

The British Dental Association has warned against online dentistry, as a US firm launches £1,500 invisible braces you can order on the Internet.  The SmileDirectClub is offering consumers the chance to benefit from cheaper braces by ordering online. The product, which retails at £1,500 is a significantly less expensive alternative…

27 Sep
Aspirin Could Reverse The Effects of Tooth Decay, Claim Belfast Researchers

  According to research done at Queen’s University in Belfast aspirin could lead to fewer fillings being required or even reverse the effects of tooth decay, by stimulating stem cells in teeth to boost the regeneration of teeth. Aspirin is a common painkiller drug which has been used for various…

05 Dec
Would you buy a Dyson toothbrush? Innovative inventor reveals latest project

When you hear the name Dyson, you probably think of hoovers, but that could be able to change. Sir James Dyson, one of the world’s most prolific inventors, has revealed that his latest project is a state of the art toothbrush. The Dyson firm, which is owned by the innovative…

26 Feb
Know What to Expect from Treatment with a Trial Smile

Before undergoing treatments, patients at Baker Street Dental have the opportunity to experience a “Trial Smile”. This novel option allows clients to design their own smile and get an idea of how they would look with new additions to their teeth such as porcelain veneers. Previously, patients could only acquire…

25 Jun
Dental Technology Has Come A Long Way In Central London

Like any industry over the past one hundred years, dentistry has benefited greatly from the massive leaps and bounds in technology that has weaved itself into dental surgeries around central London. The experimentation and progress behind the scenes has seen new and more durable materials being used for fillings, bridges…

23 Sep
How CEREC rocks in London

London is a demanding city to live and work in and it can leave you with very little time for yourself; especially trying to fit work on your teeth in if something goes wrong. You need a short, sharp fix sometimes if you want to retain that smile, which can…